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Cedar Falls Park - Chapel Hill, NC

Slowly but surely we are making it to all the corners of the Triangle to explore parks. Recently, we checked out our first Chapel Hill park, Cedar Falls Park, with the help of a family friend who is a native! Check out Peter’s stories and highlights on his Instagram for videos of the park, and below are the Park Points: Location: 501 Weaver Dairy Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Stroller friendly? Partially yes. There are paved paths to the playground area, soccer and baseball fields and tennis courts, but if you want to get out on the trails, they are not paved. Toddler friendly? Generally, yes. This is another non-mulch playground with the squishy ground that is forgiving for new walkers. However, the playground area is rather small and turns into woods quickly. (The plus of this is lots of nice tree cover for hot summer days.) The majority of the park was sports fields, which seemed to be getting lots of use, and unpaved trails. These are not bad for toddlers per se, but can present challenges. Bathrooms? Yes. It was a bit messy, but we attribute that to the HUGE soccer tournament that was happening. Also, no soap and it didn’t even look like there was a place for soap. Changing tables? One in the women’s bathroom. It looked metal, which seemed like it could get cold in the winter. Water fountain? One by the bathrooms, which looked a little grungy. It had an attached dog bowl. There also seemed to be another small fountain by the tennis courts. Benches/tables? Yes, there seemed to be quite a few and we saw them at locations throughout the park. Covered areas? A small pavilion attached to the bathroom. It had a few picnic tables and 2 grills. Parking? A large, unpaved lot. It rained the day before we went, so it was muddy and gross. This is also not the most stroller friendly. Greenway access? There are a number of unpaved hiking trails and you can find a map about them by the kids playgrounds. Jungle gyms? Two - one for ages 2-5, another for 5 and above. A swing set with 2 baby swings and 2 regular swings. Other cool information: There is a large recycling set up at the park, as well as a place where you can pick up and leave free magazines. • There is a place to donate clothes. • There is a container by the playgrounds with a sign that says it is supposed to have bug spray, but we did not see any while we were there. • There is a large trail map by the playgrounds, and in the trail guide box, there is actually a laminated trail map and additional information about the trail and nature you will find there.

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