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Hi and welcome to Peter & Ruth Do Parks! (Formerly just Peter Does Parks, but Peter needed an explorer buddy.)  We are a family living in central North Carolina working to instill a love and appreciation of nature as well as an active lifestyle in our children, Peter and Ruth. In the area where we live, frequently referred to as "The Triangle" because it is made up of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, we are fortunate to have many amazing opportunities to experience all that mother nature has to offer. The Triangle boasts dozens of beautiful parks, many miles of greenways, and over 2,000 acres of nature to explore. 


Some of our favorite family pastimes have been exploring the amazing parks by our home. One thing we wished existed, though, when we began exploring parks and nature areas with Peter around age 1 was a resource with more comprehensive information about what was available at these locations. Is this a good park for a toddler who still tries to put everything in their mouth? Are there bathrooms and changing tables? More importantly, are they clean and stocked? Is the area stroller friendly? Is there a place to get out of the sun?

This is how Peter Does Parks was born - to both encourage ourselves to get out and explore nature with our children, but also to provide more useful and comprehensive information for families about what they can expect at parks and greenways in central North Carolina and beyond! We hope you enjoy this website and benefit from it just as much as we expect our family will.

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