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Blue Jay Point County Park - Raleigh, NC

While we have abundant sunshine (and heat!) now, the past few weeks certainly were rainy ones here in the Triangle. Thankfully during that time we were still able to find a day or 2 where we could sneak out to enjoy some nature and see the effects of this near-constant deluge we’d been experiencing.

On Memorial Day weekend, we took a ride out to Blue Jay Point Park and walked a small portion of the Mountains to Sea Trail. Due to extensive tree cover, the trail wasn’t nearly as muddy as we expected and we had a fantastic time. We began our adventure at this sign here at the parking lot on Lodge Road. From there, we pieced together our own makeshift loop using portions of the Falls Lake Trail (part of the greater Mountains to Sea Trail), the Laurel Loop Trail, and some park sidewalks.

We also, of course, made our way down to the water using the Sandy Point Trail. We’ve never been to Blue Point, so we don’t have a frame of reference for what the normal water level should be, but if you swipe left and see the photo of Peter by the water, we think you’re supposed to actually be able to read that sign and possibly even walk out to it. Yikes!

There’s, of course, a few things still closed at the park due to COVID restrictions, i.e. bathrooms, the Blue Jay Center, and playground areas. We’re looking forward to coming back to Blue Jay, though, because we noticed they had a natural playground area that looked like a lot of fun and you can see in our Instastories highlights. There was also a beautiful garden on the left when you enter the park that we look forward to exploring in the future.

And the last thing we have to say about Blue Jay isn’t actually about Blue Jay. It’s about a local art shop called When Pigz Fly that we saw on Six Forks Road on the way out to Blue Jay. It was so cool, we just had to make a pit stop on our way home. Swipe left to check out why.

Have you ever been to Blue Jay Point? Let us know about your experiences there in the comments!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on June 4, 2020.)

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