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Brumley Forest Nature Preserve - Chapel Hill, NC

Whether you’re into a nice stroll in the woods, or taking a mountain bike out on some trails, Triangle Land Conservancy’s Brumley Nature Preserve has you covered.

Brumley is a large preserve with over 600 acres, and is split into a north and south side. Brumley North has trails only for hikers, but Brumley South has both hiking and multi-use trails, which can be heavily trafficked by mountain bikers. If you’re looking for a more relaxing walk, or if you have little kids in tow, we’d recommend checking out Brumley North, which is what this post is about. Brumley South has a lot to offer (including photos we’ve seen of an old car hidden in the woods), and it’s definitely on our list to profile in the future.

We loved our stroll along the Stony Creek Bluff Trail at Brumley North. We found the 1-mile trail easy to walk with plenty to see, including a small, old graveyard just as you get going on the path. We stopped at a small bench that led to a pathway down to the water. We saw some neat leaf bugs. And importantly, we saw very few people even though there were multiple cars in the lot.

Some logistics: • Parking lot is a good size, but not huge. We recommend getting out early, if possible, especially on a weekend. • No bathrooms on site. • Brumley is prone to flooding after big rains, so always check the Triangle Land Conservancy social media accounts and/or website before heading out to make sure there are no closures at the park. • We’re sure the property is beautiful year-round, but DO NOT miss it in the Fall. We went in early November and it, and the surrounding areas, were stunning!

Have you been to the Brumley Nature Preserve? Let us know in the comments!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on February 4, 2021.)

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