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Fun Caravan - Durham, NC

Well, we’ve found our Wednesday morning activity for the next few weeks! This morning, we went to Durham Parks & Rec’s Fun Caravan event - a free, socially-distanced event for kids up to age 12 that they are having for the next 3 weeks at a different Durham park each week.


The Fun Caravan today was held at Sandy Creek Park, and offered a scavenger hunt, rock painting, coloring, hopscotch, and an extra big Connect 4 set, not to mention a beautiful park to explore. Besides for the fact that you can easily social distance with this outdoor event, the event was prepared with hand sanitizer and wipes, and all the parks staff were wearing masks. Items like the Connect 4 pieces were sanitized after one child finished using them so they could be clean for the next child.


Fun Caravan events are capped at 20 participants (which includes whoever is accompanying the child to the event) to adhere to proper social distancing guidelines, and while free, you must register online to participate.


Some of you who have been following along with us since pre-pandemic days may remember we used to have a “Weekend Roundup” on Fridays, where we compiled a list of events happening at parks across the Triangle during the weekend. (And there were usually A LOT.) Obviously COVID-19 put an end to that, but we were so excited to get back out to a parks event today where we got to enjoy those activities and still felt safe doing so.


It may sound a bit corny, but I honestly got a little verklempt watching Peter laugh and run in the field next to one of the parks employees. When we go out to parks, it’s clear Peter wants so much to interact with people, but we’ve had to limit that obviously. To see him interact today, in even a distanced way, was beautiful.


Anyway, end emotional mama paragraph. 😂 We’re going to link to Durham Parks & Rec’s program registration portal on our Peter Does Parks Links page, which you can find in our bio. Our plan is to make it out for the next few weeks, so if you are there and see us, we would love to say hi! (In a socially distanced manner, of course. 😊)

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on July 22, 2020.)

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