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Moore Square - Raleigh, NC

This post is coming to you today to say don’t overlook downtown Raleigh as an option for a parks adventure. With Moore Square, Nash Square, and the State Capitol grounds, there’s more than enough to make this your outdoor destination for a day.

We’ve profiled Nash Square before, but we finally made it out to Moore Square earlier this week. This park is a place I’ve hummed and hawed about taking Peter for a while because, if we’re being 100% honest, it’s small - only one city block. But currently they have both free crafts for kids and a scavenger hunt, so I figured at the very least, that would keep us occupied. (These activities are available at the park info window located at the back of Square Burger.) We had a fantastic time walking around the park looking for the scavenger hunt hidden acorns, admiring the beautiful, giant oak trees, solving the 10 riddle posters they have currently around the park, and playing at the small playground area.

If we had more time, we would have ventured out to one of the other above-mentioned green spaces, checked out some of the amazing art murals, popped into some of the shops, or grabbed a bite to eat.

Logistics: • Bathrooms that were actually nice and clean were available at the back of Square Burger by the info window.

• Unfortunately, there is no free parking we know of downtown. (Share your secrets if we are mistaken!) We were able to get 2 hours for $2.50, though, right at Moore Square and spent all our time there.

• According to the gentleman who helped us at the info window, more crafts are coming, so stay tuned! The acorn hunt is going on through the end of May.

Have you visited Moore Square? What’s your favorite spot downtown? Let us know in the comments!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on April 8, 2021.)

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