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Crabtree Creek Trail - Morrisville & Cary, NC

Looking for a low-key, paved greenway, that also has big open spaces for kids to run? The Crabtree Creek Greenway in Morrisville has got you covered.

The Crabtree Creek and accompanying greenway are fairly long and run through both Morrisville and Cary, but the portion we walked recently started at Cedar Fork District Park. Many of you may know Cedar Fork as it is a huge park of open athletic fields, and this greenway runs along the back of these fields. We parked at parking zone 2, which is between the entrance to fields 6/7/8 and fields 4/5, and headed onto the greenway from there. We enjoyed the small bridge area right by the greenway sign, walked down the small greenway offshoot, and then headed back along the fields toward Lake Crabtree. We didn’t make it all the way, but you can take this greenway to Lake Crabtree.

While this is definitely what we’d call a “no-frills” outing, we still had a great time. We were able to watch a great blue heron fishing for his lunch in the creek from the bridge. We saw blackberries sprouting in the brambles along the fields. And we even got up close and personal with a little bunny. Your outdoor adventures are what you make of them!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on June 25, 2020.)

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