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Crowder District Park - Apex, NC

When we arrived at Crowder District Park, Peter darted straight toward the large playground area and pretty much refused to leave. Because of this, the information in this post only describes the large playground area by the Upper Pavilion and Cardinal Shelter. Crowder has much more to offer and we will definitely be back, but for now, here are the Park Points for this area of the park. You can also check out Peter’s Instagram highlights for videos of this area of the park! Location: 4709 Ten-Ten Road, Apex, NC 27539 Stroller friendly? Yes, there is a paved path all around the playground area and to both the Upper Pavilion and the Cardinal Shelter pavilion. Toddler friendly? The park is fine for toddlers, but we think overall it is more ideal for kids who are a little bit older (4+) because: 1. it is a mulch park; 2. the music installations are easier to reach for older kids, 3. the playground pieces are just more geared toward older kids. Peter did have a great time playing at the park and interacting with the many kids of all ages who were there. Bathrooms? Yes, at the Upper Pavilion. Clean and well stocked with 2 stalls. Changing table? One in the women’s bathroom. Water fountain? One by the bathrooms, which seemed a bit old, but it worked. Benches/tables? Yes, there are multiple benches surrounding the playground, as well as ledge areas that are also nice for sitting. Covered areas? There are 2 pavilions, the Cardinal Shelter and the Upper Pavilion, close by with seating. The Upper Pavilion had a few rocking chairs. Parking? A nice, large lot that has pathways directly to the playground. Greenway access? There are paved trails, as well as what appeared to be some unpaved areas. Peter was committed to the playground, though, so we will have to investigate these on our next trip. Jungle gyms? Two - one for ages 2-5, another for 5 and above. Also there is a rock climbing wall and a separate installation with things that spin around - please see the photos, it is hard to describe! Other cool information: There are a few installations with pipes and drums that kids can bang and make music.

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