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Dix Park Daffodils - Raleigh, NC

Have you heard about the daffodils in the Flowers Field at Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh? They are absolutely beautiful in their zig-zagging rows of yellow and green under the gaze of the Raleigh skyline. Daffodils are a first sign that Spring is on the way, but they don’t last forever. We highly recommend getting out to see them at Dix Park in the next week so you don’t miss them this season!

Fun fact: While we were making our way to the daffodils, the field started to smell a little onion-y. Turns out the field is also filled with fresh chives! We’ve messaged Dix Park to see if these are safe to use in cooking.

FYI: This is NOT a stroller-friendly activity, and depending on how recently it rained, you may need to prepare yourself for a muddy child at the end of the trip. (Worth it, though!)

Directions from the gravel parking lot by the soccer fields off Hunt Rd.: Take the gravel walkway from the unpaved lot that leads up to a closed gate and a field. You should be able to see the Raleigh skyline to your left. Enter the field (which has beautiful sunflowers in the summer, but is currently empty), and a little ways up on your right, you will see a small bit of fencing with a place to walk through. You will be heading toward some brick buildings. Once you get through that, there is a brick sidewalk to your right, as well as an old cemetery. Keep going straight up the sidewalk and you should soon see the daffodils in the distance. A map is also available on the Dix Park website, which we used to help us find the field.

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on March 4, 2020.)

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