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Duke Arts Annex - Durham, NC

It’s almost time to end winter hibernation and Ruth is here to tell you about a little spot she got to visit during one of the recent warm days - the Duke Arts Annex.

The Duke Arts Annex is a bit different than our normal posts because it is not a park, but it is an outdoor space where you can check out some amazing artwork.

In 2018, local artists were selected to paint murals on the old satellite dishes formerly used by the university’s tel com department. The buildings around the dishes also have stunning artwork. We haven’t posted photos of all of it so you can have the fun experience of discovering it for yourself! I felt like I was still noticing new things and details even as I was driving away.

The arts annex itself is mainly for Duke students, but does note on its website that it is open to the wider community on DukeCreate community days.

We loved checking out the art here, but this is definitely a short excursion. I’d recommend tacking this on to part of a larger trip, such as a visit to Duke Gardens, which is just a few minutes away. (There are no bathrooms, not really stroller friendly, and not much parking.)

Last note: this place is probably a little better for the older kids. The art is beautiful, but the area around it didn’t seem to be taken care of the best. There was some garbage, some items kind of strewn around, etc. Maybe not the ideal spot to have a curious toddler poking around on their own.

Have you checked out these awesome satellite dishes? Let us know in the comments!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on February 4, 2022.)

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