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Duke Park - Durham, NC

I know we’ve been talking a lot recently about all the brand new shiny playgrounds in the area, but don’t sleep on some of the older, well-loved playgrounds, too! We visited Duke Park in Durham this week, which was new to us, and had a great time. I have a big soft spot for partially- or all-wooden playgrounds like the main structure at Duke Park having had great memories with a few in my childhood. It even has some old tires as part of the playground, and I just loved that.

Some logistics:

* There are 2 playground structures: one large wooden one in the center of the park, and a smaller kids non-wooden one a bit more in the trees off to the side and closer to the parking spaces. The smaller one has better shade and soft ground surface. The main playground has mulch and is pretty exposed to the sun.

* Stroller friendly with sidewalks winding through the park. Much of the sidewalks are shaded.

* Lots of open field space to run or lay out a blanket for a picnic.

* Multiple seating options available, including benches, picnic tables, shelters, and concrete walls that can be a makeshift seat.

* Bathroom is by the larger playground, but was not the nicest or cleanest. 😕

* Parking spaces are on Acadia St., but it looked like parking on the road was also available on Knox St., too.

* We did sadly notice more than a little trash at the park, but a parks person was there working on cleanup, so not sure if this is a regular thing for this park.

* Lastly, because this is a bit of an older wooden playground, just be careful for splinters.

Do you love wooden playgrounds, too? Let us know in the comments!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram on April 11, 2024, and Facebook on May 21, 2024.)

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