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Durant Nature Preserve - Raleigh, NC

Did you know there is a SECOND piece of chainsaw fallen tree art hiding in a park in the Triangle? If you’re like us, you didn’t, but you do now!

This week, Ruth and I finally made it out to Raleigh Parks’ Durant Nature Preserve and found this beautiful piece of art by Boon Hill Gallery tucked away in the Sensory Garden.

The Sensory Garden is a small area to the left of the parking lot for Durant’s north entrance. It’s a cute place for kids to play, much like the nature play areas you find at other parks like Prairie Ridge Ecostation, and Blue Jay Point. The area of the garden with the tree art and music/sensory wall you see in one of the other photos does have a nice bit of shade.

Since the sensory garden is a bit small, when you’re finished there, hop across the parking lot to check out the butterfly garden and bird garden by the park office. We didn’t stay at the butterfly garden too long because there seemed to be more bugs than butterflies currently, but I’m sure at other times of the year it is probably a butterfly haven. The bird garden is not large, but has a cute decorated bird blind with a bench, so you can sit and the birds won’t even know you’re there!

Then, just a few minutes down the trail, which is marked by white rectangles, you’ll be at the lake in the middle of the park. The park has other features, like a 2-mile trail that encircles the lake, fishing opportunities, and a playground, but we decided to save those amenities for another day. Nature discovery backpacks are also available and free to rent at the park office!

Some logistics:

- The park has a north and south entrance. This post is about the north entrance off of Camp Durant Rd.

- We didn’t see a bathroom, but there may be one in the park office. On the park map, there is a bathroom by the shelters down at the lake.

- Unpaved trails and not stroller friendly.

- The sensory garden has a lot of mulch. Ruth and I didn’t end up staying long because she is still at the put-everything-in-the-mouth stage, so keep that in mind.

- There’s a good amount of parking, but it could easily fill up on a weekend.

Did you know about this 2nd fallen tree art? Let us know in the comments!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on July 13, 2022.)

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