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Ed Yerha Park (Formerly White Oak Park) - Cary, NC

And the Town of Cary parks updates roll on: welcome to the completely renovated and now reopened playground at Ed Yerha Park! Formerly White Oak Park, this small park is nestled amongst the trees and between a few neighborhoods in western Cary. (Two throwback photos of what the playground used to look like are included at the end.)

Many changes have happened with this renovation, including:

• A shift from a mulch-based ground to the poured-in squishy ground.

• Shade coverings! (This park was a scorcher in the summer, so hoping these will change this up!)

• A stand-alone mini music center with drums and chimes.

• One of those spin buckets that your kid just loves to be spun in and then walks all dizzy crazy when they get out. 😂

• A few lower-to-the-ground accessible features, including the large swing disk.

• The play structure designed for ages 5-12 is now rope-based.

• A play station in the sand pit. (Sand pit was kept from the old playground.)

A few features remain the same:

• Small covered pavilion with picnic tables right by the playground.

• Another larger covered pavilion with picnic tables and bathrooms not far from the playground and next to a giant field.

• Benches in the playground.

• Pickleball courts.

• Basketball court.

• Greenway access.

And a small other note, the parking lot for this playground is not large so there is always a possibility that it could fill up.

Have you been to the renovated Ed Yerha Park? Let us know in the comments!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on February 27, 2024.)

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