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Eno River Farm - Hillsborough, NC

When a troll offers you a high five, you just gotta go for it, amiright?! 😂🧌

Today’s post is about our visit to @enoriverfarm, which is a little different than our regular content since it is a business. However, I decided to post about this place on the page because:

1. There was no entrance fee and no requirement to buy anything - we were walking around enjoying the troll art for a while and no one was checking on us. We could have just come, seen the trolls, and left.

2. Supporting local farms aligns with our values and is something we think overall is valuable to support, so we’re happy to highlight them, especially with this awesome and shady art space they provide. (Also, this is our own post and is not a partnership or anything, we just had a great time.)

Now back to the trolls: Eno River Farm is in Hillsborough, which took us about 30-40 minutes to drive to. The farm had a good amount of parking, and the troll you see in the first few photos is right by the parking lot as you come in.

If you then venture down the mulched trails, you’ll find the second and third trolls, who are clearly trying to lure you into their trap. 😂 Because the trails are mulch, I would generally say this is not the most stroller friendly, but you could still try. The trails are clearly marked in the small forest with stones along the sides.

We really loved spending the morning enjoying this shady, magical little wooded area. There were also some covered seating options by their fields. After exploring, we grabbed bagels and a coffee from their food area. It was a bit early for ice cream when we went, but I think we’ll need to go back to try that out.

Bathrooms were available in their main pavilion.

Because Hillsborough is a trek for many of us, you might want to make a whole day of this and add on other stops to your journey. Some we would recommend are:

• Occoneechee Speedway

• Occoneechee Mountain State Natural Area

• Eno River State Park

• Ayr Mount

• Hillsborough Riverwalk - start either at Gold Park or Weaver Street Market

All these are free and within a 15-minute radius.

Have you met Eno River Farm’s trolls yet? Let us know in the comments!

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