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Fearrington Village Center and Camden Park - Fearrington, NC

Once upon a time when Peter was very little and I didn’t want to wake him up after he fell asleep in the car, I was driving around aimlessly and stumbled upon Fearrington Village Center. I immediately knew it was a place we’d have to come back to, and one we have now been to multiple times. (Check out the last photo of this post for a much younger Peter on our first visit here.)


This quaint, lush area in Pittsboro is almost like its own little town - it is home to a number of farm animals that you can get up close and observe, but it also has a few shops, places to eat, a great bookstore, a spa, an inn, a post office, a bank, a realty office, and an event venue. Not to mention it is beautifully green with tons of flowers, and also a few Vollis Simpson whirligig art pieces.


After you are finished walking around the Village Center, you can walk just south and arrive at Camden Park, a beautiful little park with gravel walking trails, benches, small ponds, a bridge with poetry on it, and some adorable sheep statues. (The easiest way to get to the sheep is to go down East Camden from the Village Center.) While it is not a far walk, if you decide you want to drive, you can park on the side of the road by the houses that line the park. Also, keep an eye out for wildlife at Camden Park - we saw a beautiful fawn and its mother right up close by the water.


While things have been a bit different with COVID-19, it did appear that some of the shops and restaurants were open. Because of the uncertainty on this front, we’d recommend calling ahead to see hours of operation if there’s a specific shop or restaurant you want to visit.


Have you ever been to Fearrington Village Center? Let us know in the comments!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on July 6, 2020.)

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