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Fleming Loop Park - Fuquay-Varina, NC

Fleming Loop Park definitely gets the award for having its thunder stolen by COVID-19. This beautiful park in Fuquay-Varina underwent an extensive $5.5 million renovation and reopened in late February 2020, only to be closed soon thereafter as we all took the COVID-19 rollercoaster dive.

Much of the park is fields, but the highlight for us was the fantastic new playground set up. Like with most playgrounds, there are individual playgrounds for bigger and smaller kids, swings, a picnic shelter, and bathrooms. But what makes this playground awesome is some of the neat climbing features, including the big rope ball at the back. (Does this make anyone else think of those astronaut test flight simulators?! ) The playground area is also unique because the ground is a rubbery and soft blue mulch. We appreciated multiple benches placed throughout the park, too.

Besides for the playground, the park has a nice paved walkway, ideal for scootering, biking, or a stroller walk with your littles.

We arrived at the park at 9:30 on a Friday, and had the place to ourselves for a little while. Even by the time we left, though, there were only a handful of other people at the playground. While we of course can’t make any promises, we’re definitely adding this to our list of less-populated playground options.

Have you been to this park or any other parks in Fuquay-Varina? Let us know your favorites in the comments!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on November 23, 2020.)

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