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Fred Fletcher Park - Raleigh, NC

Fred Fletcher Park is just one of those places that has something for everyone.


Paved walkways. ☑️

Shaded areas. ☑️

Sunny areas. ☑️

Flowers. ☑️

Birding. ☑️

Fascinating and informative nature. ☑️

Playground equipment. ☑️

Public art. ☑️

Sports courts and fields. ☑️

Picnic shelter with a grill. ☑️

Historic buildings and location. ☑️


This park, located in Raleigh, was formerly the Methodist Orphanage (also known as the Methodist Home for Children) and a small monument can be found in the park dedicating the site to the Orphanage’s alumni.


We saw many beautiful flowers, plants, and birds while walking the paved trail around the park. One of the neatest features is the water garden, which collects stormwater and runoff and naturally filters them.


Make sure to also check out the fun piece of public art, entitled “RedBird,” by the water garden.


While the park doesn’t house a huge playground area, there are a few swings and other things to play on in sand pits. The highlight for Peter, though, was a grass amphitheater area where he had a great time running around on the paved circle at the bottom.


We think it’s safe to the only thing we didn’t find at this park were bathrooms.


Our last note, we saw 2 places to park when we visited - one lot was much smaller off Clay Street (which is where Google Maps took us), and another off St. Mary’s Street. If you park in the Clay Street lot, just make sure you do not park in the spaces specifically reserved for office staff (they are clearly marked).


Have you been to Fred Fletcher Park? Let us know in the comments!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on September 17, 2020.)

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