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Green Level/Toscana Greenway - Cary, NC

I spy with my little eye.... a horse! And a Peter. We’ve been pulling out our Town of Cary parks, bike trails, and greenways map recently to find areas we’ve never heard of to get outdoors and hopefully be able to social distance. One of our recent adventures took us to the Green Level Greenway, starting at Thomas Brooks Park, and going through the Toscana neighborhood. (If you’re looking for this greenway on Google, it will show up as the Toscana Greenway.) There didn’t end up being a whole lot of nature - it mostly was just walking a path through people’s backyards - but it was absolutely empty and we even found a horse! We entered the greenway by the park’s soccer fields, and it made an easy circle that brought us right back to where we started. This greenway would be nice for anyone, but we could see this being ideal for a new mom who just wants to get out for a walk with her baby in a stroller. Happy exploring!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on May 8, 2020.)

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