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Horton Grove Nature Preserve - Bahama, NC

We’ve been saving this hidden gem for a bit because when we originally went during 4th of July weekend, it was HOT. We enjoyed the That Makes Sense Kids Interpretive Trail at Horton Grove Nature Preserve, but with half the trail being in a grassland with no shade (the other half is through a shaded forest area), we knew cooler temperatures would have infinitely improved our visit. Now is the perfect time to get out here as things have cooled off a bit, but you can still take in all the sights of the warm-season grassland, such as birds, interesting insects, and flowers.


The 0.8 mile Holman Loop that the trail follows is easy to walk (but not stroller friendly) and has informative signs along the way to help you find animals, certain notable plants, and understand the habitat around you. We were also lucky enough to be behind a lady who really seemed to know her stuff and was pointing out interesting plants to her friend, including a plant she called mountain mint, which was absolutely delightful!


Another neat feature to take advantage of for kids, the Triangle Land Conservancy that owns and maintains the preserve, provides free printable scavenger hunts on their website to take with you on the trail.


The trail can be accessed from Horton Grove’s main parking lot on Jock Road. The lot is gravel and not huge, but we found there was enough room during our visit.


We did not see any bathrooms during our visit.


It’s lastly worth noting this trail is just one of many at Horton Grove, which also houses the Stagville State Historic Site. Other trails have more tree cover, we just haven’t had the chance to explore them yet.


What’s your favorite trail at the Triangle Land Conservancy's Horton Grove Nature Preserve? Let us know in the comments!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on September 14, 2020.)

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