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Jaycee Park - Raleigh, NC

Sometimes we find great parks through extensive online research. Other times, the local gems find us, and that’s exactly what happened when we saw the beautiful flowers at Jaycee Park on a post by Raleigh Parks last week. The minute I saw their photos, I thought, “Yup, that’s where we’re doing today!”

Jaycee Park in Raleigh is host to a small, but incredibly beautiful daylily garden. One of the neatest parts of this collection of colorful flowers is the creative, funny, sweet, and interesting names of all the different blooms. Two of our favorites, Stargate Portal (nerds unite! 🤓) and You Glow Girl, are pictured here. Bring a lunch, sit down in the gazebo, and enjoy the rainbow of color surrounding you.

There is also a fantastic little playground a bit further back in the park. The playground is fenced in, has nice squishy ground, and some pretty good sun coverage. This is next to a much smaller, old school sand playground with some interesting “characters” in it.

Besides for the daylily garden and playgrounds, the park has a community center, many different sports courts, a dog park, a picnic shelter, plenty of parking, and bathroooms. It’s a great little spot for an hour or two of fun!

Have you checked out the daylily garden at Jaycee Park? Let us know in the comments! (And make sure to add which was your favorite flower name!)

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on July 7, 2021.)

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