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Johnston Mill Nature Preserve - Chapel Hill, NC

Like many families right now, we’ve been scouring the Triangle to find some hidden gems where we could be out in nature and away from the crowds. We’re excited to bring you a few spots that we think fit that bill this week. First up on our list is the Triangle Land Conservancy's Johnston Mill Nature Preserve in Chapel Hill. The park has multiple trails, but for our visit, we had a great time walking the Robin’s Trail starting at the Turkey Farm Road entrance. There were a number of areas where Peter could get close to the New Hope Creek that the trail runs along, and do one of his current favorite activities - throw rocks in the water. We also saw some great wildlife along the trail, including snails and butterflies. Our best tips for this park are: + Get there early because parking at the Turkey Farm Road entrance is minimal. There is also another entrance on Mt. Sinai Road.

+ Be prepared to do lots of hand holding or carrying for new walkers or little toddlers. The trail had many roots coming up in multiple areas, and at times, it was difficult for Peter to walk any distance by himself.

+ Bring some water shoes! There are multiple areas along the trail where access to the creek is possible, so having some shoes you’re okay getting wet can make for a fun activity. Let us know if you make it out to Johnston Mill and how your experience is!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on June 9, 2020.)

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