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Jordan Lake Educational State Forest - Chapel Hill, NC

How many parks can boast that they have a full-size helicopter that you can walk right up to and touch? We’d wager not too many! We think this feature alone makes Jordan Lake Educational State Forest worth the trip.

Located off of Big Woods Road in Chapel Hill, Jordan Lake Educational State Forest is home to the aforementioned helicopter, a giant forest bulldozer, and multiple nature trails.

During our visit, we split our time between being in awe of the helicopter, and walking the Wildlife Trail and the Talking Trees Trail. (Unfortunately at this time, the Talking Trees are in the process of being repaired and do not work, but if you are still interested in a Talking Trees Trail, stay tuned for our Clemmons Educational State Forest post coming soon!)

While none of the trails here are stroller friendly, this is a great park to ease kids into hiking as all the trails are 2 miles and under. The Wildlife Trail is ¾ mile and Talking Trees is ¼ mile.

This park currently has bathrooms open, which is a plus. It also has a nice area with multiple picnic tables, making it a great place to have a lunch and do some easy hiking.

One last important note about the park’s hours: from February 1st through Thanksgiving, the park is open on Monday through Friday from the 9am to 5pm, but in weekends, it is only open from 11am to sunset. From Thanksgiving through January 30, the weekday hours are the same, but it is closed on weekends and State holidays.

Have you been to Jordan Lake Educational State Forest? Let us know in the comments!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on October 7, 2020.)

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