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Jordan Lake, Seaforth Access Point - Apex, NC

Just the other day, I started to think to myself… maybe I have already hit all the good outdoor spots in the area. Maybe there are no more hidden gems left in the Triangle.🤔

Then North Carolina said, “Hold my beer,” and I found the Pond Trail at the Seaforth Day Access location on Jordan Lake.

If you’ve ever driven down 64 by Jordan Lake during the height of the outdoor season, you have likely seen a clump of people out on a stretch of beach on the lake. This is the Seaforth area. What you may not know, is that starting on the other side of this peninsula is the beginning of a beautiful 1.4 mile trail that makes a nice, easy loop.

The trail has a neat boardwalk and some absolutely beautiful, more secluded areas to take in Jordan Lake. There were 2 small ponds we saw as well, and one even had some very busy beavers nearby as you can see from some of our photos here. Bring binoculars, too, for some great birding! If you feel like 1.4 miles might be too much for you, try just going to the boardwalk and then turning back. (There is a smaller one first - keep going to get to the longer one that goes closer to the lake.)

This is also a Kids in Parks Track Trail, so make sure to check the activities available online before you go, and then record your observations.

While we would rate the trail easy, it is definitely not stroller friendly. There were plenty of knobby roots and also a few muddy areas. Bathrooms are available by the parking lot.

It is important to note that during certain times of the year, there is a fee to enter areas of Jordan Lake like this. Motor vehicles are $7 per day from Memorial Day through Labor Day, and weekends in April, May, and September. However, other times of the year, like now, are free.

What is your favorite spot on Jordan Lake? Let us know in the comments!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on February 11, 2022.)

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