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Kelly Road Park - Apex, NC

Kelly Road Park in Apex is definitely an old school park - the playground is made out of wood! - and it brought back great childhood memories for his Chief of Staff of an elementary school playground she loved. Peter seemed to love crawling through the many hiding holes just as must as his mama did! Below are the Park Points, but we also recommend checking out Peter’s Instagram highlights, where we post videos from our park trips so you can see before you go! Location: 1609 Kelly Road, Apex, NC 27502 Stroller friendly? Yes, there are paved paths throughout the park and the greenway is paved. Toddler friendly? Yes, however, most of the playground area is mulch and sand, so beware. Bathrooms? Yes, at the pavilion by the parks and baseball fields. Changing table? One in the women’s bathroom. Water fountain? A green standing one that has an area to fill a bottle at the pavilion, and a set of 2 by the bathroom doors. The ones by the bathroom doors looked a bit cleaner. Benches/tables? Yes, there are 2 pavilions with picnic tables, multiple benches and picnic tables throughout the park, and bleachers by the baseball fields and tennis courts. Covered areas? Two pavilions and the bleachers by the baseball fields are covered. Parking? A large lot. It might fill up if there is a baseball game going on, but just for a regular day, it is plenty. Greenway access? Yes, to the Beaver Creek Trail. Jungle gyms? Two - one for ages 2-5, another for 5 and above. The playgrounds are an old wood-style, which you hardly ever find anymore. There is also lots of swings, a tire swing, a rope jungle, and a merry-go-round. Other cool information: Tennis courts. • Baseball fields. • A small basketball court. • A neat art display at the playground entrance of tiles with children’s names and handprints.

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