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Knight Farm Community Park - Pittsboro, NC

If magical creatures and quaint small town downtown areas appeal to you, do we have a day of fun for you.

We recently trekked out to Pittsboro to visit the new Knight Farm Community Park, which boasts some awesome playground equipment - a dragon, musical chimes, really the cutest little houses, and a zip line. The playground also has a nature play area with lots of rocks and tree pieces to climb, plus some natural building materials. In the center of the play area is a splash pad, which is currently off for the season, but will be working again mid-May according to the signage.

There is also another area across the parking lot that has lots of large boulders and maybe a small trail - we didn’t explore over there because it was for sure not stroller friendly.

Some logistics:

* Pavilion with picnic tables, two small covered areas by the splash pad (otherwise, there’s not much shade - would recommend sunblock)

* Bathrooms and a water fountain

* Benches throughout the park

* Grills

* Plenty of parking

* Playground area is stroller friendly

While the park is fun, it’s definitely not big enough to be an all-day adventure. However, just a few minutes away is quaint downtown Pittsboro with shops and restaurants. We made a stop at Elizabeth’s Italian Restaurant for lunch and then popped next door to the French Connection (last 2 photos) to check out all their amazing animal sculptures out front. Small tip - don’t go on a Monday. Many places were closed.

Do you like dragons and quaint downtowns? Let us know in the comments!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on October 29, 2021.)

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