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Lake Crabtree County Park - Morrisville, NC

If you’re a long-time follower here, you probably already know about our love for Wake County Parks’ incredible outdoor spaces across the Triangle. There are a few that we either haven’t profiled or haven’t been to yet, and we’re looking to close that gap this year!

Ironically, Lake Crabtree was the first of their parks we visited - pre-Peter actually! - because we lived close by when we moved to the area. We’re now loving getting Peter out to this beautiful area to enjoy what the park has to offer.

The park boasts 2 great playgrounds, but we personally really love the Old Beech Nature Trail - a short, unpaved 0.6 mile loop you can find by the first parking lot when you enter the park. Make sure to grab the brochure from the kiosk at the beginning of the trail to learn about the neat nature features along the way. (Definitely also bring your bug spray.)

Also accessible from that parking lot is a flower garden, an open field with views of the lake that is great for a picnic, and lake access where you can fish or put in a boat.

The park continues to have more features - hiking and mountain biking trails, a dock with boat rentals, other fishing access points, and a historic homesite (use your phone to call 919-629-2001 to listen to a self-guided tour). There’s something for everyone to enjoy at this park.

Have you been to Lake Crabtree County Park? Let us know in the comments!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on June 18, 2021.)

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