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Lake Crabtree Historic Homesite - Morrisville, NC

We’ve covered Wake County Parks' Lake Crabtree County Park pretty extensively on our page, but there’s one thing we’ve always seen on the park map but never checked out until now: the historic homesite.

Lake Crabtree Park has one road that runs through the park, and most of what we’ve covered are features that branch off the right side of that road - lake access, playgrounds, a short nature trail. But off to the left side of that road are 16 miles of forest trails, which include the historic homesite.

When you come into the park, take your first right and park your car in that parking lot. Directly across the road from this lot, you’ll find the trails entrance (pictured in photo 7 here), and the homesite is a quick 5-10 minute walk into the woods.

Once you’re at the homesite, scan the QR code for sound bites about the 6 features of note at the homesite, including an old well (which is what the structure in this first photo is covering) and the incredible tree you see here in photo 6.

We really loved checking this out and learning about the history, but this is definitely not a long adventure. Combine this small hike to the homesite with a trip to one of the park’s 2 playgrounds afterward, and you’ll be golden. Or, bring your bikes along to do some of the biking agility courses, which is right next to the homesite.

What is your favorite part about Lake Crabtree County Park? Let us know in the comments!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on February 8, 2023.)

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