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Lake Lynn - Raleigh, NC

Lake Lynn is a place we’ve heard about over and over again in various parent Facebook groups, so we figured it was time to check it out for ourselves. Now we can absolutely see why people love going here! There is a 2.8 mile paved greenway around the lake with lots of tree cover, as well as docks, boardwalks, and other ways to access the water. We brought Peter’s stroller along for the walk with us, and we do have to say it was a bit of a challenge with many hills, banks, and bumps in the pathway. Not impossible by any stretch, but it requires a bit more effort than you’d need for a gentle stroll on a sidewalk, so be prepared!

While we were walking along the pathway, we also noticed a number of kayaks and canoes that weren’t tied up and just kind of hanging out in the woods off the trail. We are unsure exactly who owns those or if they are for public use, but regardless it appears that you can get out and do some boating on the lake.

If you follow along with our posts and stories, you’ve probably seen that a favorite spot of ours is the boardwalk at Crowder Park in Apex because of all the turtles. Well, we’ve found a new turtle hangout here at Lake Lynn!

And just a final word about the park - it is definitely popular and we saw a steady flow of people on the path while we were there. Like a few other parks we’ve been to recently, you can keep your distance, but if you are looking for a more deserted park where you can really avoid people due to COVID-19 concern, this park might not be for you right now.

Check out our Instastories highlight for this park to get more of a feel of what to expect when you visit Lake Lynn, plus a few extra tips for your visit!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on May 14, 2020.)

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