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Marla Dorrel Park & Kids Together Playground - Cary, NC

Did you know that a dragon lives at a park in Wake County? It’s true! We went to one of our absolute favorite parks recently, Marla Dorrel Park, which is home to the Kids Together Playground. This Town of Cary park isn’t just a favorite for us - it is usually packed any time we go, and today was no different! This park really has a lot of offer, so this is only going to be the first of a multi-part review. Below are the Park Points, but we also recommend checking out Peter’s Instagram highlights, where we post videos from our park trips so you can see before you go! Location: 111 Thurston Drive, Cary, NC 27518 Stroller friendly? Yes, paved pathways throughout the park. Toddler friendly? Yes. Plenty of play area of little beginning walkers, even a special designated, fenced-in area. Bathrooms? Yes. They seemed very busy when we were there today, though, so we will update about those on our next visit. Water fountain? Multiple throughout the park, and they all look to be in pretty good shape. One even had a sign indicating it was filtered water, with a place to fill up a water bottle. Benches/tables? Yes, lots. There are picnic tables at the pavilion and benches all over the park. Many of the benches are in cool shapes, too. Plus, plenty of other things you can make a seat out of, like low walls. Covered areas? Yes. The park has some pretty good tree coverage. There is also a pavilion when you come in and a variety of coverings over the playgrounds. Parking? There are 2 lots with a medium amount of parking, but it was almost full today. On a weekend, this could be a struggle. Greenway access? Yes, access to the Hinshaw Greenway. If you have ever driven under the beautiful metal bridge, Bowstring Vines, on US Hwy 1/64, that is this greenway you have just driven under! Playgrounds? There are 2 full playground installations, one fenced in area for younger kids (ages 2-5), multiple swing sets, and a grassy field with a dragon! Other cool information: There is an area with arches that make mist when you press a button - great for hot summer days! • Some benches have sound tubes where you can talk into one end and the person listening at the other end of the bench can hear you. • Not far down the greenway, you can hit another park, MacDonald Woods Park, that usually has a lot less people. • There is a great used book store, Mr. Mike’s Used Books, in the shopping plaza right by the park that we also love to visit. • We also like to go to the bubble tea place, Milk Lab, in the same plaza.

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