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Northeast District Park - Chapel Hill, NC

Before posting about Jordan Lake Educational State Forest yesterday, we took another quick trip out there earlier this week to see if the Talking Trees had been repaired since our last visit. After checking on that, we did one of our favorite things - we drove around aimlessly to see what there was to see. And in doing that, we found this cute little parks gem: Chatham County Northeast District Park.

The majority of this park is sports fields, but that is precisely what makes it a hidden gem because no one is there during the morning on weekdays. We had the small playground and the ¼ mile loop around the pond completely to ourselves for the majority of our visit. By the time another mom and toddler showed up, we were happy to yield the playground so they could have a turn and we took a walk around the pond.

The ¼ mile loop around the pond is paved, making it stroller friendly. Fishing is permitted in the pond, but signs indicate it is catch and release. We saw a few areas where it would be easy to walk right up to the pond and throw in a line.

A small covered picnic area overlooks the pond, perfect for lunch.

Don’t miss checking out the small lending library by the playground!

And also importantly, the bathrooms are open.

If your kids are still looking for more after a trip to Jordan Lake Educational State Forest, this is just up the road and we highly recommend checking it out!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on October 8, 2020.)

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