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Northwest Park - Morrisville, NC

We got out to Morrisville’s Northwest Park and had a great time. Below are the Park Points and you can also check out Peter’s Instastories for a full walk-through of the park!

Location: 998 Parkside Valley Dr, Morrisville, NC 27560

Stroller friendly? Very stroller friendly. There are paved areas to the playground, the playground itself is pretty flat and is astroturf, which is easier for a stroller to roll on, and there is a paved loop around a field by the playgrounds to go for a walk.

Toddler friendly? Yes. There is a playground for toddlers, and the ground is astroturf. While not as great as the squishy ground you find at some parks, this is still better for the little ones than mulch or sand. On the right side of the park (northeast directionally), the ground really falls off steeply; however, all of that side of the park has a wire fence, so this should make it safe your your little ones. There are a few drainage areas with tunnels, too, which were kind of like grassy ditches that Peter found VERY interesting, so just make sure to keep an eye out around those. Peter probably would have crawled in.

Bathrooms/changing table? Yes - 2 stalls, changing table available. Clean, well-stocked. Sadly have to report, though, that when we visited, the women's bathroom smelled very strongly of marijuana.

Water fountain? One set by the bathrooms - looked very clean.

Benches/tables? Many picnic tables at the pavillion, and multiple benches throughout the park. Plus, plenty of other short brick walls that can easily be used as a makeshift place to sit.

Covered areas? A covered pavilion, but no other coverage.

Parking? When we first pulled in, the lot looked a bit small. But then I actually counted the spaces and would say it is a medium size lot. On the Town's website it says there are 19 spaces.

Greenway access? No.

Playgrounds? Two - one for ages 2-5, and one for 5 and up. While I would imagine this is not unusual for parks, we went on a day after it rained and some water was still left on the toddler playground, making some parts (the bridge in particular) VERY slippery. We survived, but just use caution.

Other cool information: Three exercise areas. • Informational signs about how certain features of the park manage stormwater and harvest rainwater. According to the Town's website, "That stream flows to Jordan Lake, which serves as the drinking water reservoir for Morrisville and surrounding communities." • Free bags and a garbage can to collect dog poop. • An extension of Louis Stephens Drive is currently being built on the left side of the park.

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on March 2, 2020.)

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