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Piedmont Wildlife Center, Leigh Farm Park - Durham, NC

I have struggled to write this park post for quite some time because, honestly, this was probably one of both the strangest AND best days we have ever had at any location across the Triangle. Intrigued? Keep reading.

In the past, we’ve frequently seen online about the free tours available at Leigh Farm Park in Durham. Peter’s a bit young for history tours at this point, but we figured we’d at least head out to the park and poke around the historic buildings. This is the part we’d put into the strange category - we went on an overcast day, no one was there, and it - no joke - felt like we were walking through a haunted, abandoned ghost town. (Check out the last 4 photos on this post to see what I mean.) I’m personally somewhat into that vibe, Peter was totally fine enjoying running around, but maybe go on a sunny day for a less spooky experience. 👻

Before going to this park, we also saw on the map that the land houses the Piedmont Wildlife Center, a non-profit environmental organization which I’ve heard about before that offers camps and programs for kids. We hadn’t spent much time at the historic buildings, so we decided to walk over and check that out too - and to our surprise, we found they have these absolutely amazing rescued birds hanging out in enclosures in the woods.

It. Was. Incredible.

Peter’s favorite was the barred owl. And, appropriately to round out our spooky day, Edgar the raven unexpectedly cawed in his face and scared the crap out of both myself and poor Peter. Still love you, though, Edgar. #quoththeraven #nevermore 


• Medium size parking lot - when driving up, it looks like the park is closed due to a gate, but it is not - the parking is just to the left.

• We visited in May and the only bathroom was a port-o-potty. There was a small office/visitor space, but it was closed at that point. It may have reopened.

• Disc golf course and greenway access available.

• More about Leigh Farm’s history and the buildings can be found on the Durham Parks & Rec's website.

Have you been to Leigh Farm Park or the Piedmont Wildlife Center? Let us know in the comments!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on July 15, 2021.)

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