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Pullen Park Carousel - Raleigh, NC

The carousel at Pullen Park is celebrating its centennial, and let us tell you, 100 years old never looked so good!

We’ve never been to Pullen Park (we know, we know ), but figured there’s never been a better time with the centennial and its festivities happening. This was also Peter’s first carousel ride and he had a blast!

The carousel is currently only operating Thursdays through Sundays. If you want to have a two-fer and hit both the carousel and the train that goes around the park, you will need to visit Pullen on a weekend, as the train is currently only open Saturdays through Wednesdays. NOTE - It's our understanding that this schedule was during COVID. We believe that, barring any maintenance, the amusements are open daily now. You can always check the Raleigh Parks website here to make sure what is open and working.

Amusement tickets can be purchased online or at the park. Save yourself a headache and purchase online. We went on a Thursday and a line was forming by 9:40, with the ticket window opening at 10. One ride on the carousel is only $1.50, but if like us you have a little who will need your assistance to ride, you will have to purchase a ticket for yourself as well. (Honestly I had a huge eye roll at this fact, but at least that only made the ride $3.)

*NOTE* Since we originally did this post, the price of Pullen Park Amusements has increased from $1.50 to $2.

The carousel opens at 10. We got our tickets at the ticket window just after 10 and thankfully were able to ride the carousel twice right away. The closer to 10 you can get there, the better if you abhor waiting in lines.

And last, but not least, Raleigh Parks has a different carousel-themed event going on almost every day in April to celebrate the centennial. Thursdays are a free craft day, which Peter really enjoyed. Sundays are a Roaring 20s theme. We have all the information about these days in our Park Events Instastories highlight, so check that out, or you can also go to the Raleigh Parks’ website for Pullen Park.

Have you ridden the Pullen Park carousel? Let us know in the comments!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on April 15, 2021. We have updated it as of the date of this post to reflect the new prices for Pullen Park Amusements.)

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