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Symphony Lake - Cary, NC

With parks being the thing we do around here, any time we are out driving, we always have our eyes peeled for new places to have our next outdoor adventure. This is how we found the Symphony Lake Greenway a few weeks ago while we were picking up the Sesame Street banner we previously posted about for Peter’s birthday. Even though we have scoured the Cary greenways map on multiple occasions, we somehow never put it together that this 1.3 mile paved lake loop existed until we drove past it that day and saw the Cary Greenway sign. (Sometimes we’re not the sharpest tools in the shed over here.😂)


The best way to access Symphony Lake Greenway is parking in the spacious lot off of Regency Parkway, and from there, you can walk to the larger lake loop. There are lots of trees along this greenway, but how much shade you are going to experience is going to depend entirely on when you visit the park. Let’s just say that noon on a cloudless, summer day is probably not ideal if you’re prone to burning like us pale folks over here. We circled the lake from about 10-11 in the morning and opted to take the loop counter-clockwise so we’d have more shade on the back end of our walk, and this worked out pretty well for us.


While I think most people would look at this loop and categorize it as a “no-frills” walk, absolutely do not discount this greenway because we saw some of the most AMAZING nature here, including some Hostile Planet, nature-documentary-level animal interaction that makes you said, “Oh #$@%!” When walking along the shaded walkway from the parking lot to the larger lake loop, there is a very small pond where we watched and managed to get on film a great blue heron as it hunted and caught not only one, but 2 frogs for lunch. One miraculously even escaped! Definitely one of the top 3 nature encounters of my entire life.


With the time it took to get around the loop, plus the time we spent in awe of the nature here, we didn’t even hang out in Koka Booth, which is clearly the other highlight of this greenway. We’re definitely planning to head back in the future to poke around there.


Have you been to Symphony Lake Greenway? Let us know below!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on August 11, 2020.)

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1 Comment

Sep 24, 2022

Is someone going to cut back some of the bushes around Symphony lake so people can fish.

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