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Thomas Brooks Park - Cary, NC

We sure do love it when we get tips from friends, and this was definitely a good one: a brand new playground has just opened at the Thomas Brooks Park in Cary.

Many may be familiar with this park due to either the USA Baseball National Training complex or the multitude of other sports fields located on site. But you may not know that nestled in this park is also a playground area alongside a covered shelter with picnic tables.

The new playground equipment is truly unique-looking, with some functional play features that we’ve never seen before. As with most playgrounds these days, there is one structure geared toward older children and another toward younger and smaller kids. Other stand-alone equipment includes a set of 2 tandem swings, a swing similar to a tire swing, and a rope climber.

The ground in the park is a combination of squishy ground, concrete, and mulch. There is some fencing, but it does not completely encircle the play area, so I’m not entirely sure of the purpose. It occurred to me that it might be left over from the construction, but it looks a little too permanent for that to be the case. Who knows. 😂

While there were not benches in the playground, there were these U-shaped bends of concrete throughout that gave plenty of seating areas.

There is a bathroom very close nearby.

Plenty of parking is available.

We very much enjoyed visiting this playground, but a bit of real talk: it’s fairly small. We played for about 30-45 minutes and then we were done. The visit was 100% worth it, but don’t expect this to be an all-day, or even all-morning or all-afternoon endeavor. Also, there are some small trees around the park which gave us a bit of shade since we were out early in the morning, but otherwise, there was no coverage from the sun. This is great during the winter months when it’s cold and you want to soak up those rays for the extra warmth, but this might be hard in the summer.

Overall, I asked Peter what he thought and he said, “A 5 out of 5!”

What do you think of the looks of this new playground setup? Let us know in the comments!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on September 6, 2022.)

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