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Ting Park - Holly Springs, NC

The main goal of our page is to give the community honest reviews of the parks we visit. I can’t say we’ve ever been to a horrible park, but sometimes certain parks are good yet also have some less-than-ideal features, like the one we’re posting about today. You’ll see what we mean, but for now, we’ll start out with the:


We loved checking out this enclosed playground area hidden in Holly Springs’ Ting Park. We’ve heard good things from many people in the past about this place because, when all gates are closed, the playground is completely fenced in. There are surprisingly few fenced in playgrounds in the Triangle, and this can provide a bit of extra relief for a tired parent. (Clearly talking about myself here, haha.) You’ll find this playground hidden in about the middle of the fields off Sportsmanship Way. There is also plenty of parking.

Now on to the:


The South Wake Landfill is 1.5 miles up the road, and you can probably guess what that means: there were times at the playground when I got a whiff of garbage. When we visited, I didn’t know the landfill was so close, so please have a good laugh imagining me sniffing around trying to figure out where the heck the garbage smell was coming from. 😂 I will say the smell was not consistently present - mostly things were fine - but I did have about 3 times in the span of an hour (and it was a windy day) where I smelled something.

Overall, I think this park provides a great option for parents and, because I have heard about this place from so many people, I would recommend trying it out at least once before ruling it out as you may have a different experience.

Have you been to this playground? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on October 1, 2021.)

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