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Urban Park - Cary, NC

In chatting with a follower about the park riddles for the Town of Cary’s upcoming Easter egg scavenger hunt, we got to realizing that there’s still a chunk of the Town of Cary’s parks that we know nothing about. So the other day we decided to poke around close to downtown and discovered the cutest sliver of a park called Urban Park. (And yes, sliver is accurate - just take a look at the map screenshot included in our photos.)

This adorable little park had some beautiful flowers, great tree cover, swings, playground sets, a sandpit, a basketball court, and a handful of benches and picnic tables. The ground under the playground is squishy, but the rest of the park does have mulch.

There is no official parking lot, but there are a few places along the sides of the park to pull your car in to park. As you might expect with a park this small, there are no bathrooms. Also, while we did have the park to ourselves on a weekday morning, there was a number of cars that drove by. The playground is not really fenced in (there are some sparse fence structures at some points, but not a lot), so this may be a better bet for littles who know not to wander out into the street.

Because this park is right by downtown Cary, this would also be a great spot to bring some takeout from one of the nearby local restaurants and have lunch.

We loved hanging out at this unique little park. Have you ever been to Urban Park? Let us know in the comments!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on March 19, 2021.)

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