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Walnut Creek Wetland Center - Raleigh, NC

Did you know that Raleigh has its own Mr. T? It’s true! (We should probably note that he’s a box turtle, but we’d still argue he’s part of an A Team!)

The Walnut Creek Wetland Center, located not far from downtown Raleigh, is an amazing hidden gem for smaller kids interested in local wildlife and the outdoors. The indoor portion of the Center has a number of animals, both alive, like Mr. T, and taxidermy-ed on the shelves, for kids to admire and learn about. It has a very large selection of kids-age wildlife books and a cozy place to sit and read. There is also a crafting station, and while we were there, a free craft was available.

Outdoors, the wonders continue with information stations, a boardwalk with rocking chairs, and a short nature trail loop. Throughout the nature trail, there are a number of boards on the ground next to PVC pipes - don’t just pass these by! You can find salamanders under the boards and green tree frogs hiding in the pipes!

As for logistics, we thought there was a good amount of parking here. Bathrooms were open and nice. The Center itself is stroller-friendly, but the nature trail is not. Before entering the indoor portion of the center, a Raleigh Parks Department employee was there to take our temperature and information.

One of the reasons we think this place is a hidden gem is because we went on a Saturday at 10am, and we had the place entirely to ourselves!

We also can’t say enough about the amazing park employee who was manning the Center. She was excited to interact with Peter and so helpful, letting us know about the Center’s best features and things we shouldn’t miss. The Center also has a number of events going on, so make sure to check out Raleigh Parks’ website for more information about those.

Have you been to the Walnut Creek Wetland Center? Let us know in the comments!

(Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on October 13, 2020.)

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