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Weymouth Woods - Post 3 - Dunrovin Country Store

Welcome to part 3 of our Weymouth Woods adventure, which will be a bit different than most of our posts because it’s about... something we’ll call “a curiosity”... that we found on the way to the park, rather than a feature of the park itself. Have you ever heard of the Dunrovin Country Store in Vass, NC? We had heard about it in passing, and you’ll likely see it on your way to Weymouth Woods from the Triangle. It’s hard to miss with big signage, statues, and not a whole lot else around it. What lured us in was that they have a big sign advertising Amish food - Peter’s mom grew up with a small Amish and Mennonite community in her town, which included a restaurant she still visits every time she is home that makes the best pies - so this ended up being a must-stop location to investigate. While we found no fresh prepared Amish food (there is a nice selection of grocery-type foods, though), we discovered something entirely unexpected at the back of the store: an oasis of tropical birds, reptiles, other animals, and funky statues. As we mentioned, this is an unusual post for us, but we were honestly so blown away, we knew we couldn’t not mention this part of our trip. There is no fee to enter what appears from the outside to just be a garden center. The attraction was started a few years ago by one of the owners, Patrick Milcendeau, who used to raise macaws. It started as a way for people to get back a little further from the bustling US-1, where the store is. The signs indicate they rescue and take in these birds and animals, and there are now over 80 birds. Strangely, Peter was much more okay with the enormous Sasquatch statue than with the birds talking to him. Oh, and do they talk. We don’t want to spoil much for you, but if you’re heading down to Weymouth, definitely consider a stop here. It’s definitely one of the most unique things we’ve stumbled upon in our North Carolina travels. (Note: We're currently working on updating our website with our reviews. This review was originally posted on Instagram and Facebook on January 11, 2021.)

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